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How To replace 400W HID with LED High Bay light

How To replace 400W HID with LED High Bay light?

To replace 400W HID, first we need to know how much light come from a 400W HID lamp.

A traditional 400W HID lamp, producing 29,013lm  , but all the light spread 360 degrees into the HID lighting fixture,  after reflection,  the real use-able light is the real lumen come from the fixture.  this is called downward light out put.

Light sourceLuminaire Power(W)Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)Fixture Total flux(lm)Fixture EfficiencyUseable Lumensefficacy(lm/w)
HID Aluminium reflector BT37 400W Metal halide lamp436
HID Clear Prismatic Lens BT37 Metal Halide lamp43629,01320,92461%17,59740.4

From above data, we know that althrough some HID lamps are with high lumen, but after installed into the fixture, the useable light is only 50%-60% left.  this is called  downward light out put radio.

Most traditional HID High bay fixtures are with radio of 0.5 to 0.75, this explain why  customer need different wattage LED High bay lamps to replace 400Watts  HID lamps. when  400Watts HID lamp are installed into fixture with radio of 0.5,   customer may only need 100watts Elite led high bay light to replace traditional HID fixture, but for some places, customer need 120watts or 150watts Elite LED High bay lights.

also,  LED high bay light are with a very big advantage , LED High bay light can be installed with Lens, which can help LED high bay reach very small lighting angle like 45degrees, 60 degrees ( which will help a lot to replace very high watt HID fixtures with installtion height of  11-13 meters.

please see below suggestion on replacing traditional HID lamps.

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